Suspect named T-Dog caught!

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The public is safe now that notorious bone stealer “T-Dog” has been apprehended.  As you can see from the above picture, T-Dog was caught napping with the stolen bone.  It is without a doubt, this criminal is going to do hard time in his playpen.

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I’m back!

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Teddy is back in the house.  My humans need to go back to watching TV and give me some computer time.  After a few days suffering from a bad case of diarrhea, I’m back to blogging on TBC.  I’m currently in Florida now, but I really can’t stand this hot, humid, and rainy weather.  Even though California has hot weather, I prefer staying there – I’ll always consider myself a West Coast dog!  Woof, woof!

Funny comics #14 – Zot?

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I’m not sure what this creature is that makes a “Zot!” noise, but he seems like he would be fun to play with. He also has a long tongue like mine. I also don’t know if I would eat that ant, but I definitely would like to lick him!

LOL, cats!

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Do you like cats? Even though I’m a puppy, I like to play with them – especially chasing them around the house. Someone told me that when I get older, I’m supposed to hate cats. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think cats are funny. They are even more funny when you take a picture of a cat and put a funny caption on it.

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$108.07 ?

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What is $108.07 ? Well, this is the very first check amount my Pops has received in Adsense revenue from Google. Remember, my Pops started this website back on May 19, 2007. That’s way before my time and that’s a whole lotta moolah. Woof! Woof! Keep up the good work readers! 😉

Makes me wonder – how many dog bones and chew toys can $108.07 buy?

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