Tech toys, tech toys, tech toys – you gotta love them. It is even better when your you get to try out the latest tech gadgets at your work and you get them for FREE!

Currently, my laptop is the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, which I got in August 2009. This laptop has a aluminum, unibody case and is very light and sturdy.  The clean and simplistic design of this MacBook Pro, even puts my previous Alienware laptops to shame.

Just look at the pictures below.  Look at what Alienware has become compared to what my MacBook Pro looks like.  Unfortunately, when Dell acquired Alienware, their product designs have gone downhill ever since. 🙁


Alienware m11x


Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch

My current mobile phone is the Apple iPhone 3G.  I am definitely a converted iPhone user, after being a die-hard BlackBerry user for many years.   RIM cannot match the current smartphone design and ease of use of any iPhone, especially the new iPhone4 that was recently released.