Hello WordPress, again!

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After not doing any WordPress updates for more than five years, I’ve now updated my WordPress site to use Version 4.7.3. Furthermore, I updated my WordPress database from MySQL4 to MySQL5. You can read more details of this update in the blog post that follows.

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How to make Smileys in WordPress posts

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For those new to WordPress, but who are experts in Smileys in chat, here’s a handy reference card on how to make Smileys in WordPress posts.

Download it in the My Files page or just click here.

Post ratings plugin blues

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The cool plugin that I’m using to allow readers of this blog to post “star” ratings is GaMerZ’s WP-PostRatings 1.11. Even though I’ve downloaded the latest plugin update that was offered on June 6, 2007, it seems there are still conflicts with another plugin that I’m using, WP-Cache. The ratings were working fine up until a few days ago. As you can see from the latest posts I made in June, there are no star ratings on my posts, since they aren’t being saved. I may have to disable the post ratings plugin within the next few days. 🙁

By the way, the WP-Cache plugin reduced server CPU usage time so readers can view the blog pages faster. This is a very important plugin because WordPress is based on PHP, which is a type of programming language used to serve webpages or blog pages. For those that use self-hosted blog-sites, like myself, your “shared” webhosting provider places monthly caps on how much CPU usage that your website can use. If you consistently go over that cap, they may shut your site down or move you to a dedicated server, which can cost a couple hundred bucks per month.

Switched again

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My weblog has undergone another make over. After only a few weeks of using the iTheme WordPress template, I’ve decided to go with the GlossyBlue WordPress template. I’ve modified the GlossyBlue template, so that it is easier on the eyes. You can view the original design here.

Another reason I changed it is because I can’t stand Mac’s! Forgive me, but I don’t know what I was thinking. 🙁

You want a blog like mine?

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So you want to start a weblog?  Or blog, for short, for those who’ve already taken the plunge 😉 .  Well for you first-timers, you are best going off to those blogging sites that have everything already setup for you.  Free sites such as WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, etc., are excellent starting points for blogging newbies.

However, the limitations of those free sites are customization and blog filespace allowed.  Although, most have different templates to change the look of your blog, basically, you are stuck with the 20 or so templates that the millions of other users are utilizing for their blog.  Also, you are limited to how many photos, posts, comments, etc., that you blog site can have.  If you plan to use your blog often, upload many photos, and have frequent visitors, then you are better suited to have a self-hosted blog, which means buying your own web-hosting service and then uploading the blogging software to your site.  In most cases, the web-hosting that you do end up with, will have their own blogging software already installed.

For my site, I’ve purchased web-hosing on Aplus.  They do include their own blogging software, but I prefer to more user-friendly, WordPress.  Installation of WordPress on my site was very simple.  Go here to view the Famous 5-Minute Install.

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