Tech toys, tech toys, tech toys – you gotta love them. I try not to get the latest and greatest, because I prefer the newest tech products to be out in the marketplace for awhile and get all the kinks knocked out of them, before I take the plunge and pay for them.

Currently, my laptop is the Alienware 51-m 5550, which I got in June 2007. You can read more about my latest tech toy and view some pictures in this post.

My current mobile phone is the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Verizon Wireless, which I started to use in November 2007. I use this phone exclusively when I’m in the USA. When I travel abroad, to places like China and Singapore, I use the HTC Touch P3450, which I actually got back in September 2007 in Hong Kong. You can read more about these two phones in this post.