Seattle’s sports teams are in the dumps

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The Seattle-area sports teams, both college and professional, have probably hit their lowest point this year and it’s not even funny.  I understand that teams’ success is often cyclical, where winning seasons are often followed by losing seasons, as teams rebuild.  However, the current sports scene in Seattle is downright depressing.

Here’s a recap of the major college and professional Seattle sports teams that I follow the closest.  I’ve also classified the “State of Dumpage” each team is in, with 5 thumbs being the worst:

Seattle Mariners: Where to begin?  In 2001, the Mariners had the most wins (116) in the history of the American League and tied for the most wins ever for a MLB team, with the 1906 Chicago Cubs.  Although they finished 116-46, they lost to the New York Yankees in the ALCS.   In succeeding years, the Mariners failed to live up to their potential, limped into the playoffs a few times, and never made it to the World Series.  In 2008, many picked the Mariners to win the AL West and compete for a spot in the World Series.  However, true to their underachieving ways, the Mariners will again miss the playoffs and most likely lose 100 games this season.
State of Dumpage:

Seattle Seahawks: The downfall started with the loss of Super Bowl XL to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The bad calls in that game basically foretold the bad “breaks” that the Seahawks would endure in the following seasons.  Shaun Alexander, MVP of the 2005 season, got struck with the Madden Curse and was on the IR for most 2006, and was basically a non-factor in 2007.  Although the Seahawks have made the playoffs in the two seasons following their Super Bowl year, most of those regular season games were marked with heartless and underachieving efforts.  In the current 2008 season, the Seahawks are 0-2 and are suffering from a number of player injuries, especially to their WR’s.  This will also be Holmgren’s last year as head coach, so hopefully we can start anew in 2009.
State of Dumpage:

Seattle SuperSonics aka “That Team Down South in Hickville USA”: In 2007, the SuperSonics drafted Kevin Durant as the #1 pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.  Even though the team was in rebuilding mode (Ray Allen was traded to Boston and Rashard Lewis signed with Orlando as a free agent), Durant was looked upon as the one player who could save, not only the NBA basketball team, but the entire Seattle sports scene.  Well, it was all for naught as the “criminal” owners took the team out of Seattle to another city that shall remain nameless.  Although the original team name and colors will remain in Seattle, don’t expect to see another NBA franchise in this city for at least five years.
State of Dumpage:

Washington Huskies Mens’ Basketball: After peaking in the 2004-2005 season as the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament Albuquerque Region and following that with a #5 seed in the 2005-2006 season, the Huskies have failed to make the NCAA Tourney the past two seasons.  Amazingly, the Huskies couldn’t even qualify for the post-season NIT those two years.  Finally, as a slap in the face, the Huskies lost to unheralded Valparaiso in the 1st round of the the inaugural College Basketball Invitational.  The College Basketball Invitational?
State of Dumpage:

Washington Huskies Mens’ Football: This has perhaps most glaring and painful example of what Seattle sports fan have endured in the 2000’s.  To cap off the 2000 season, the Huskies beat Purdue in the 2001 Rose Bowl.  However following that victory, the state of Huskies’ football was in obvious decline.  In 2003, head coach Rick Neuheisel was fired for lying about participating in a college betting pool.  In 2004, Tyrone Willingham was hired as head coach.  However, in the Willingham’s record in the past three seasons was 11-25, with no bowl appearances.  In 2008, the Huskies have started 0-3 and many are calling for Willingham’s immediate dismissal, me included.  With the lack of quality wins and bowl appearances, the Huskies have less chance of recruiting blue-chip talent.  The state of Husky football is sure to get much worse, and there is no hope that it will get better anytime soon.
State of Dumpage:

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